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Left Brian/Right Brain

Welcome everyone. Seeing as you are reading this let me thank you in advance for visiting my new website and reading my blog. Its only taken me 40 years to set up but in my defense my left brain (analytical and methodical thinking) had to be at the forefront 98% of the time during my corporate career, raising my family and paying the bills. But alas I am throwing caution to the wind as my right brain (creative and artistic thinking) steps into the forefront. I will be updating my website frequently so I encourage you to check back often to find out what's new and exciting. Once I figure out how (left brain kicks in), I hope to offer on- demand- printing so you can order and have delivered to your doorstep some of your favourite art pieces (maybe things like art prints, coffee mugs, drink coasters )? So once again thanks for visiting, come back often and remember..... "Life is Art" - Gianna

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