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Freedom to express myself

As I'm working on my painting of a sunflower, inspired by the courage of the Ukrainian people during this horrific period in history, the thought overwhelmed me that I'm free to do whatever I please. As I pull out my canvas, prepare my paints and organize my thoughts on colour and composition I realize that I am free to paint with no fear of losing my life, my home, my children, my husband, my dog or any of my belongings. As I paint and listen to 60's music I realize I am free to paint and listen to the music for as long as I want without anticipating the next bomb siren. I sit comfortably in my chair, not on a bench in a bomb shelter or on the floor of a subway platform. I'm sitting here worrying about my next brush stroke, not running for my life worrying if I'll make it out alive. I am so fortunate to live in a free country. I am so fortunate to have the freedom to express myself and my art. Thank you democracy!

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